Can I get the RAW file types from my photoshoot?2018-01-15T07:27:53+00:00

Pixelroll doesn’t offer the RAW file types of any photoshoot. We consider these to be unfinished work and we only offer completed work to clients.

What does Print Release mean?2018-01-15T07:25:34+00:00

Print release means that clients are free to print and share the images received from Pixelroll for personal use only. Clients cannot use the pictures for commercial purposes or alter them.

What’s a session/retainer fee? Why is it necessary?2018-01-15T07:17:34+00:00

A “session” or “retainer” fee is basically an advance payment for the photo session at the time of your reservation with Pixelroll. The fee is counted towards your photo session and you will only need to pay the remainder of the photo package on the day of the photoshoot. Session fees are necessary so that if clients cancel on us last minute, we do not totally lose out on the appointment that becomes un-booked.

What’s an online proofing gallery?2018-01-15T07:02:35+00:00

A soft online proofing gallery allows clients to view a digital gallery of semi-edited pictures of their photoshoot. Clients will be able to review and select which image they would like to have fully edited. Clients can also choose to have Pixelroll print physical copies of their pictures for an additional fee.

Can I cancel my appointment?2018-01-15T06:46:44+00:00

You can cancel your appointment with us by emailing info@pixelroll.com. Please note that any cancellations within 7 days of the appointment will NOT receive a session fee refund.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?2018-01-15T06:37:26+00:00

You can reschedule your appointment up to 7 days before your appointment with us. Please contact us at info@pixelroll.com and we’ll work out a new date.

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